Laser Cutting Service UK

Metal Laser Cutting in West Midlands

Unitech Blaymires provide a metal laser cutting service in the West Midlands, UK for the high speed and accurate profiling of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium products or components. Our state of the art laser cutting machine produces quality and precise results to any bespoke specifications.

Why Choose Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting allows even the most complex of shapes to be produced effortlessly from steel and other metal sheets in one process, with a precision and accuracy that is harder to achieve using more traditional technologies. Lead times from drawing to delivery can be kept to a minimum.

Our laser cutters offer a perfect solution for a diverse range of industries. Whether it’s a one off job or a large quantity of laser cut parts, we tailor our laser cutting services to your exact needs and requirements.

Our Laser Cutter

We use the latest in laser cutting technology – an Amada F1 3 metre Flat Bed Laser, which offers:

  • 3m x 1.5m bed size
  • 3 Axis All linear drive
  • CAD Services
  • Quality process cut monitoring


We can handle the following materials for our laser profiling services:

  • Mild Steel laser cutting - up to 20mm thickness
  • Stainless Steel laser cutting - up to 12mm thickness
  • Aluminium laser cutting - up to 10mm thickness

Part of the Unitech Group

About Unitech Blaymires

UNITECH BLAYMIRES Limited are specialists in high quality pressings, Fabrications and Welded Assemblies, In addition to the main manufacturing facilities we also offer onsite Laser Cutting Facilities, providing the complete manufacturing facilities in our operation.

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